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However there are a number of ways we can help & advise you financially

However there are a number of ways we can help & advise you financially which you may not have considered and in general the costs are usually lower than you might think:

  • Tax Credits & Bands – are you getting everything you may be entitled to
  • Mortgage Interest Relief – is this being given to you by your bank
  • Grant Applications – do you need help with the forms
  • Dealing with a gift or inheritance – are there tax implications for you
  • Planning for the future – inheritances & gifts. There are ways in which these can & should be structured to minimise the costs of tax on the beneficiaries
  • Medical & Dental costs – Have you claimed all the tax refunds you can get on these
  • Tax returns – occasionally the Revenue will ask even PAYE people to complete a tax return, we can help you here fill out the paperwork
  • Personal changes, e.g. Separation, Divorce, loss of employment can all have an impact on your personal circumstances and we can help to minimise this impact
  • Forensic accountancy – where you need detailed analysis of transactions for legal or court requirements, we are skilled in this area of review and presentation of information to Solicitors, Barristers and Judges.
  • Compulsory Purchase orders – If & how do they affect you for tax

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