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In Financial Difficulty?

These days anyone can run into unexpected problems either personally or within their business. With experience in both business and personal insolvency, KAAS can advise, guide and support you when this happens. We have skills & experience in the following areas:

Personal Insolvency

With our skills and registration as a Personal Insolvency Practitioner (PIP), we can advise you on all the options available for your personal situation and work with you using the latest legislation to restructure your debts either on an informal or formal basis with your creditors.

If you are in mortgage arrears, you may qualify for a free service with a personal solvency practitioner under ABHAILE scheme. A quick phone call to our office will confirm your eligibility.

Mortgage problems & MARP process

We have worked with several families and successfully restructured their mortgages to a level that's affordable by them unacceptable to the bank removing a high level of stress and creating security going forward.

Many people are now facing into a situation where they cannot meet the payments of their mortgage, you may not be aware, but your bank has an obligation to help you in terms of understanding what can & cannot be achieved through a restructure and will in fact pay for you to receive independent advice on their proposals to you. As a member of the panel of registered advisors, you can avail of our services to understand what a restructure offer really means and this may be free to you.

Corporate liquidation

Where recovery is not possible, we can help you close down your company in compliance with the requirements of law. This protects you against your creditors and ensures that the correct processes are followed and all creditors are treated fairly and allows you to rebuild for the future.

Once a corporate insolvent position has been identified in your business, unless there is a clear path to recovery, based on realistic and reasonable expectations, it is important that as a director, you act to protect the creditors position. We can advise you on what is needed in this regard.

Ready to get started?

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