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14% of companies using AI to evaluate job applications

14% of companies are using artificial intelligence to evaluate job applications, new data shows.

This includes scanning CVs or scoring job candidates to help filter and identify the most suitable candidates based on the job description.

The research carried out by recruitment firm Hays Ireland shows that 80% of candidates want to be informed when employers use AI for this purpose.

However, just 54% of organisations said they let candidates know.

The findings suggest that public sector organisations are more likely to be using AI to evaluate applications than those in the private sector, at 25% and 12% respectively.

On the other hand, the research shows that job seekers are using AI to ensure their CVs are tailored to specific job ads.

Younger candidates are more likely to use this technology, with 32% of 18-24 year olds stating that they have used AI to complete a job application, compared to just 18% of those aged over 50.

Overall, a third of companies surveyed said they are currently using AI within the workplace, while almost 80% expect to allow staff to use this technology in the future.

77% of employees surveyed said they have not used AI tools in their current role.

“As organisations become more comfortable with AI tools and implement clear policies that facilitate the integration of AI in the workplace, usage of AI tools in the workplace is likely to increase,” said Maureen Lynch, Managing Director of Hays Ireland.

“Clear communication on how AI tools are used is essential for both employees and employers to find a balance between leveraging AI and maintaining high-quality work,” she added.

Article Source – 14% of companies using AI to evaluate job applications – RTE

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