Cost of doing business in towns ‘a big problem’

The Spring Statement tomorrow, which will be announced by the Finance Minister Michael Noonan, is expected to mark the end of austerity in Ireland.

The plan for the upcoming budget will outline €1.4bn in tax cuts and spending increases, including changes to the Universal Social Charge.
It is based on an economic growth forecast of 4% this year – which is well above the 2.9% rate set out in Budget 2015.

The Coalition have long been talking about the economic recovery, but not everyone feels it has taken hold outside of the capital.

Simon McCormack, head of the Chamber of Commerce in Drogheda, Co Louth, says while business in the town is picking up, there are still many challenges.

He said: “(The) cost of doing business in the centre of town, the actual rates, water rates, facility costs and everything else – they take a huge portion of any small business, that’s one big problem.

“Another thing is if you want to change the focus of your shop – you want to regenerate your shop into something else – a change of use application is very expensive in town centres.”

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